Welcome to 2014!

The key components for online success with your website has been changing drastically over the last year, and is now more about quality content, Social Media, and mobile-responsiveness than anything else. Improve your website for users and search engines by focusing on the following areas:

Quality Content

  • Page Content: Each page of your website should have content (text, images, videos, etc.) on it that is both interesting and informative. The goal for each page content is for it to be longer than a paragraph, but not extremely long where it takes more than 3-5 minutes to read through. Having quality content is an absolute MUST for SEO rankings going forward. Here’s an example of one of my web pages that is visually appealing, but also is interesting and informative.
  • Meta/Page Title: The title of each page should have the main keyword/keyphrase in it.
  • Meta Description: The meta description should be a short plug for the page (what it’s about, why it is important, etc), and should include the main keywords/keyphrases for the page.
  • Meta Keywords: While keywords for each page are not extremely important anymore, it is still helpful to make sure that each page has 8-10 keywords/keyphrases on them.
  • Page URL: The page URL should contain the page’s main keyword/keyphrase.

Social Media

Social media is now an absolute MUST for every company that wants to be ranked highly in search engines. It used to be an optional marketing tool, but now search engines take a lot of stock in a website’s linked social media accounts, and how much people are “liking”, “tweeting”, “+1ing”, etc. a company’s content. My suggestion for 2014 would be to update the social media accounts that you have, and make sure your business has a Google+ page and you start investing heavily in it.  If your website has a blog area, use it and write a quality blog post at least once every two weeks that is then shared on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. pages with proper descriptions and hashtags.

Mobile Responsive Design

Everything is moving towards mobile, and having a slick mobile site is crucial to SEO, as well as client ease of use/viewing. If your website does not have a mobile-responsive design, you are MISSING OUT (especially if you sell things from your website)! Stay ahead of your competition by updating your website to a mobile-responsive design!

The new website Dynamic IM built for us has really helped give our business a face lift, allowed us to be more professional, and brought in more business.

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