If a store can meet the following objectives, it will help attract customers and not get in the way of selling:

  • Easy to Navigate – People need to be able to quickly find what they want without much hassle.
  • Good Design – This doesn’t need to be too fancy, but it needs to “blend” well with the current site. Design also includes how the products are laid out and how the information is presented. It should be easy for people to find the product information they are looking for (including product images).
  • Appealing Products – This is a huge selling point! People are much more likely to purchase products when the selling images are nice and uniform (same size, background color, etc.), instead of being pixelated and different sizes. Make sure the product images that are added to the store section are all high-quality.
  • Spelling/Punctuation – Make sure that product names and descriptions do not have errors, and that proper punctuation is used in descriptions, etc. Spelling errors and improper punctuation give people a bad impression of your store, and hurt the chances of them buying your products.
  • Respond to Client Questions/Reviews – It’s very important that you take an active role in interacting with customers, whether it is responding to reviews or questions, etc. Staying on top of answering questions, and addressing feedback can be the difference between having a store that is an asset, and a store that creates assets. Showing customers that they are a high-priority will create repeat business, and help those customers sell your product to others (through recommendations, etc.).
  • Quick Turn-Around Time with Orders – This is a must! If you are slow fulfilling orders, it will kill your reviews and repeat business. Make sure that you take your time to properly fulfill orders, but make sure it is done as quickly as possible. The better the turn-around time, the greater your chances of making the store a success!
  • Information Security – It is crucial to keep all account login details, as well as client information, secure. Don’t email that information to anyone in the body of an email (send it as an attachment instead), don’t give it out over the phone to any customers (all customers should have registered with an email address, and you can cross-check their email address on file in the admin area, and send it to that address if needed). Just don’t give out information to anyone unless you know exactly who it is, or where it is going.

You can search for “Dos and Don’ts of e-commerce” on Google for other tips, but the things listed above are the key areas to concentrate on.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for help with an e-commerce website!

The new website Dynamic IM built for us has really helped give our business a face lift, allowed us to be more professional, and brought in more business.

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