Just a quick post about SEO and Social Media… If you really want to get search engine results, you should be doing both!

Here is a great article from Social Media Today about “The Role of Social Media in SEO”. The article makes many great points, but I want to highlight a few here:

As well as looking at a wide number of on-site ranking signals, robots also look to social media for other signals link brand mentions and content sharing.  Whilst social media has played a role in SEO for some time, it is understood that far more emphasis is now placed upon it.

Here are the areas of social media that lend to SEO:

  • Engagement – Social media likes, shares and re-Tweets indicates new and interesting content. In theory, it is only good quality content that is talked about and shared – Googlebot likes content that is shared and both the frequency of these shares and the authority of those sharing, plays a significant role.
  • Mentions – Social media mentions indicate to search engines that you are authoritative, authentic and that you have engaged followers that like your content.
  • Linked Content – Using tools such as rel=”author” lets Google track all of your linked content and attribute it to one original source. In theory, this should stop websites that syndicate or scrape content benefiting by being wrongly accredited as the original source.
  • Backlinks – Even in the new Content Optimisation landscape, backlinks to a website matter. Forced black-hat techniques are no longer as effect as they once were, the emphasis now being placed firmly upon natural backlink building, the sort of backlinks that are generated as a result of content sharing on sites such as Pinterest or re-blogging for example.

– Social Media Today – “The Role of Social Media in SEO”

Neglecting social media can have big consequences on your SEO rankings. If your content is not being shared or valued, search engines will take notice!

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