Live Chat Jobs Review 2023: Is It a Legit Opportunity or a Scam?

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If so, you may have come across Live Chat Jobs. But is this opportunity a legitimate way to earn income or just another online scam?

As a professional copywriting journalist, I have conducted extensive research to provide you with an honest and comprehensive review of Live Chat Jobs.

Key Takeaways

  • Live Chat Jobs is an opportunity to work as a chat agent and make money online.
  • There are differing opinions on the legitimacy of Live Chat Jobs, with some considering it a scam while others have found success with the platform.
  • Employee reviews can provide insights into the company culture and work experience.
  • Skills such as technical support and customer service abilities are necessary for this opportunity.
  • Working remotely in Live Chat Jobs offers flexibility, work-life balance, and the comfort of working from home.

What is Live Chat Jobs?

Live chat jobs

If you’re looking for a genuine chance to make money online, Live Chat Jobs might be the perfect opportunity for you. The platform provides a unique way for companies to connect with customers in real-time through chat support, and they are always on the lookout for reliable and skilled chat agents to join their team.

Live Chat Jobs gives you the flexibility to work from home and set your own schedule, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a work-life balance. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a student, or simply seeking a new career opportunity, Live Chat Jobs is a great way to earn money on your own terms.

With Live Chat Jobs, you will have the chance to engage with customers and provide them with top-notch support. You’ll help customers with their inquiries, answer their questions, and guide them through any issues they may be experiencing. As a chat agent, you get to be the face of the company and help build their brand reputation through quality customer service.

So, if you’re interested in making money from the comfort of your own home, consider Live Chat Jobs as a viable option. With the potential for flexible scheduling and competitive pay, it could be the perfect fit for you.

How Does Live Chat Jobs Work?

Working for Live Chat Jobs is a simple and straightforward process. As a chat agent, you will engage with customers who come to the platform seeking support or information about various products or services.

Once you are hired, you will receive access to the Live Chat Jobs’ platform, where you will be able to log in and start working. You will also receive training to familiarize yourself with the platform and the company’s policies and procedures.

When a customer initiates a chat, it will appear on your dashboard, along with the necessary information to help you provide an efficient and satisfactory response. You will be expected to communicate with customers promptly and professionally, addressing their concerns and providing accurate information.

Your performance as a chat agent will be evaluated based on various metrics, such as response time, customer satisfaction rates, and the number of chats you handle. Maintaining a high level of performance is critical to your success and earning potential in Live Chat Jobs.

Overall, the work process for Live Chat Jobs is relatively simple and adaptable. Once you get the hang of the platform and the company’s expectations, you can plan your schedule, log in when you are ready to work, and start chatting with customers.

Employee Reviews of Live Chat Jobs

Man sitting and doing live chat jobs

As part of my research, I scoured Glassdoor for employee reviews of Live Chat Jobs. Overall, the reviews were mixed, with some employees praising the company’s supportive culture and flexible work arrangements, while others noted issues with management and low pay.

Despite some negative feedback, many employees noted that Live Chat Jobs provides a good entry point for those looking to break into the customer service or tech support industry. Some also appreciated the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy a better work-life balance.

“Overall, I’ve had a positive experience working for Live Chat Jobs. The team is great and I appreciate the flexibility of the job. However, the pay could be better and communication from management can be inconsistent at times.”

It’s important to keep in mind that employee experiences may vary depending on their individual role and team. However, reading through Glassdoor reviews can provide insight into the overall company culture and potential challenges.

Job Opportunities and Salary in Live Chat Jobs

Live Chat Jobs offers a range of job opportunities for chat agents with different skill sets and backgrounds. As a chat agent, you may work for a variety of businesses such as online retailers, tech companies, or healthcare providers, among others.

The salary for chat agents in Live Chat Jobs varies depending on the company you work for and the specific role you are hired for. However, on average, chat agents in Live Chat Jobs can earn around $10-$15 per hour.

Some companies may offer bonuses or other incentives to chat agents based on their performance or the volume of chats handled. Additionally, some chat agents may have the opportunity to advance to higher-paying positions such as team leaders or trainers.

Live Chat Jobs Review – Pros and Cons

Working in Live Chat Jobs has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let me break down the pros and cons to give you a better idea of what to expect.

The Pros:

  1. Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of working in Live Chat Jobs is the flexibility it offers. Chat agents have the freedom to choose their own work schedules, allowing them to balance work and personal life with ease.
  2. No Commute: Another significant benefit of working in Live Chat Jobs is the ability to work remotely. Chat agents can work from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for a commute and reducing related expenses.
  3. Decent Pay: Live Chat Jobs offers a decent pay scale to its chat agents. Although the pay may not be as high as other corporate jobs, it still offers a fair compensation package for those who work diligently.
  4. Customer Service Experience: Working in Live Chat Jobs can help chat agents develop their customer service and technical support skills, which can be applied to other industries and job opportunities in the future.

The Cons:

  1. Isolation: Working from home may cause some chat agents to feel isolated, as it lacks in-person interaction with colleagues and superiors.
  2. Monotonous Work: The work of a chat agent can be monotonous, as it involves communicating with customers via text only. The lack of variety in work can be a downside for some people.
  3. Unpredictable Work Volume: The volume of work in Live Chat Jobs can be unpredictable, often varying from day to day. This may result in some chat agents facing long spells of inactivity, which can be frustrating.
  4. Challenges of Working Remotely: Working remotely can be challenging for some, requiring a certain level of self-discipline and focus. Chat agents must be able to avoid distractions and stay motivated to meet their work goals.

Overall, Live Chat Jobs can be a great opportunity for those who are looking for a flexible and legitimate way to earn money from home. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, as it has its own set of pros and cons that should be carefully considered before applying to work as a chat agent.

Requirements and Skills for Live Chat Jobs

Working as a chat agent for Live Chat Jobs requires a set of specific requirements and skills. Having these qualifications can significantly increase your chances of getting hired and succeeding in this role.

Here are the requirements and skills you need to have:

At least 18 years of ageStrong typing skills
Legal resident of the United StatesGood spelling and grammar skills
Computer or laptop with a reliable internet connectionExcellent communication skills
Webcam and headset with microphoneCustomer service experience
Flexibility to work varying shifts, including weekends and holidaysTechnical support knowledge

It is important to note that having previous experience in chat support or customer service can be a huge advantage. However, Live Chat Jobs also provides training for new chat agents to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent customer support.


Live Chat Jobs provides comprehensive training for its chat agents covering customer service skills, technical support knowledge, and their chat software and tools. The training period usually lasts for a few weeks and is paid for by the company.

If you are interested in working as a chat agent in Live Chat Jobs, it is highly recommended that you possess the required skills and fulfill the necessary requirements to become a successful candidate.

How to Apply for Live Chat Jobs

If you’re interested in becoming a chat agent with Live Chat Jobs, the good news is that the application process is straightforward and can be completed entirely online.

The first step is to visit the Live Chat Jobs website and fill out the application form. You’ll be asked to provide your personal details and work experience, so be sure to have your resume and references on hand.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to complete an online assessment test. This test evaluates your typing speed, language proficiency, and problem-solving abilities and is designed to determine whether you have the necessary skills to work as a chat agent in a fast-paced environment.

If you pass the assessment test, the next step is an interview with a Live Chat Jobs representative. This interview will be conducted online and will focus on your previous work experience, customer service skills, and availability to work. If the interviewer is satisfied with your performance, you’ll be offered a position as a chat agent.

It’s worth noting that Live Chat Jobs receives a large number of applications, and the selection process can be competitive. To increase your chances of getting hired, make sure your application is well-written, your resume is up-to-date, and you’re prepared to perform well in the assessment test and interview.

Benefits of Working Remotely in Live Chat Jobs

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It offers many benefits, especially for those who prefer a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home. In the case of Live Chat Jobs, remote work is a key part of the opportunity, and it comes with several advantages for chat agents.


One of the main benefits of working remotely in Live Chat Jobs is the flexibility it provides. Chat agents have the ability to choose their own working hours, making it easier to fit work around other commitments or responsibilities. This is particularly beneficial for parents or caregivers who need to work around family schedules.

Work-Life Balance

Remote work in Live Chat Jobs can also help improve work-life balance. Without the need to commute to an office, chat agents can save time and reduce stress. They can also take breaks when needed, without feeling guilty or pressured to stay at their desk for a set amount of time.

Comfort of Working from Home

Working from home also provides the comfort of being in a familiar environment. Chat agents can set up their workspace in a way that suits their needs and preferences, which can help improve productivity and focus. They also don’t need to worry about dressing up or commuting in bad weather.

Overall, remote work in Live Chat Jobs can offer a flexible, balanced, and comfortable work experience. It’s important to note, however, that it does require self-discipline and the ability to work independently. Chat agents must also ensure they have a reliable internet connection and suitable workspace.

Live Chat Jobs vs. Other Chat Support Roles

When it comes to chat support roles, Live Chat Jobs offers a unique opportunity for individuals to make money while working from home. Unlike other chat support roles, Live Chat Jobs allows you to work remotely without strict schedules or quotas, providing plenty of flexibility and work-life balance.

While other chat support roles may require you to work in an office or adhere to strict schedules, Live Chat Jobs lets you work from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about commuting or dressing up for work, which can save you time and money.

Another advantage of Live Chat Jobs is the potential to earn more money. While other chat support roles may offer fixed rates or salaries, Live Chat Jobs allows you to earn more based on your performance. The better you perform as a chat agent, the more money you can make.

Live Chat Jobs also provides ample opportunity for growth and development. As you gain more experience as a chat agent, you can take on more responsibilities and advance to higher-paying positions. This is not typically possible in other chat support roles.

Overall, Live Chat Jobs offers a unique and advantageous opportunity for individuals looking to make money while working from home. If you are looking for flexibility, growth potential, and higher earning potential, Live Chat Jobs may be the perfect fit for you.

Live Chat Jobs Reviews: What Others Are Saying

Before deciding to join Live Chat Jobs, you might be curious about what other employees have to say about their experience with the company. To give you a glimpse into the world of chat agents, I have collected some reviews and testimonials from current and former Live Chat Job employees.

“I have been working for Live Chat Jobs for two years, and it has been a great experience. The company culture is fantastic, and the team is very supportive. I love the flexibility of working from home and the opportunity to grow my skills in customer service.”– Samantha

“I applied to Live Chat Jobs after graduating from college, and it has been a great way to kickstart my career. The pay is competitive, and the training provided is thorough and informative. I also appreciate the chance to interact with customers from all over the world.”– John

Overall, it seems that many Live Chat Job employees enjoy the comfort of working from home, the competitive pay, and the supportive company culture. However, there are also some complaints about the workload and the lack of opportunities for career advancement.

It’s important to keep in mind that every job has its own unique set of challenges and benefits, and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if Live Chat Jobs is the right fit for you.


After conducting thorough research and analysis of Live Chat Jobs, I can confidently say that it is a legitimate opportunity to make money online. While there have been some complaints and criticisms from former employees, the majority of feedback has been positive, with many citing the company’s excellent work-life balance, flexible hours, and supportive team environment.

As with any job, there are both advantages and disadvantages to working for Live Chat Jobs. On the plus side, chat agents have the opportunity to earn a decent wage, work remotely from home, and engage in meaningful customer interactions.

However, the job can also be monotonous, and there is a risk of encountering difficult customers or technical issues. Overall, I believe that Live Chat Jobs is a good option for those seeking a flexible and remote work experience, particularly if they possess the required skills and qualifications.

Live Chat Jobs Review – FAQ’s

Is Live Chat Jobs a legitimate opportunity or a scam?

Live Chat Jobs is a legitimate opportunity for individuals to make money. It is not a scam.

What is Live Chat Jobs?

Live Chat Jobs is a platform that offers individuals a chance to work as chat agents and make money online.

How does Live Chat Jobs work?

Live Chat Jobs operates by connecting chat agents with companies that need customer support via live chat. Agents are hired and trained to handle customer inquiries and provide assistance through chat platforms.

Are there any employee reviews of Live Chat Jobs?

Yes, there are employee reviews of Live Chat Jobs available, particularly on Glassdoor. These reviews provide insights into the work experience and company culture.

What job opportunities are available in Live Chat Jobs and what is the potential salary?

Live Chat Jobs offers various job opportunities as chat agents. The potential salary can vary depending on factors such as experience and performance.

What are the pros and cons of working in Live Chat Jobs?

Live Chat Jobs offers various job opportunities as chat agents. The potential salary can vary depending on factors such as experience and performance.

What are the requirements and skills for Live Chat Jobs?

To succeed in Live Chat Jobs, individuals should have strong technical support and customer service abilities. They may also need to meet specific requirements set by the platform or the companies they work for.

How can I apply for Live Chat Jobs?

To apply for Live Chat Jobs, you can visit their website or follow the application process outlined on their platform. It is recommended to prepare a well-written resume and cover letter to increase your chances of getting hired.

What are the benefits of working remotely in Live Chat Jobs?

Working remotely in Live Chat Jobs offers benefits such as flexibility, work-life balance, and the convenience of working from home. It allows individuals to have more control over their schedules and avoid commuting.

How does Live Chat Jobs compare to other chat support roles?

Live Chat Jobs stands out by offering the opportunity to work remotely and providing flexibility in working hours. It may have different requirements and payment structures compared to other chat support roles.

What are others saying about Live Chat Jobs?

Reviews and testimonials from individuals who have worked or are currently working in Live Chat Jobs indicate positive experiences, highlighting the flexibility and earning potential of the opportunity.

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