Analytics Setup & Training

As a business owner, you know that having current and relevant information is absolutely crucial for any decision-making process, large or small! Being able to access and view up-to-the-second information about how your website is performing (number of website hits, number of unique visitors, pages visited, how long viewers stayed on pages, conversion rates, etc.) is a must in order to make informed decisions about your online presence and sales! Having limited or outdated information about your website will not help you convert your site viewers into conversions!

Analytics = Knowledge = Power… or something like that!

The saying “knowledge is power” isn’t always accurate, but it definitely applies to your website! Installing some type of analytics tracking program for your website is an absolute must, and we have extensive experience with Google Analytics, cPanel “Awstats”, and more!

If you already have an analytics tracking program installed on your website, but would like training to get the most out of it, we can help you with that! 


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